Fundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona głównaFundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona głównaFundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona głównaFundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona głównaFundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona głównaFundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona głównaFundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona głównaFundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona głównaFundacja Rozwoju Gmin Polskich - strona główna


Anna Świątek i Maria Wojtacha



Foundation for the Development of Polish Municipalities was formed in August 2009 on initiative of Anna Świątek and Maria Wojtacha. The aim of the founders was to reach as large part of polish society in municipalities as possible in order to enable its continued development by improving living conditions, protecting the natural environment, supporting education and promoting & spreading the culture.

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The Foundation is especially dedicated to take care of people, who would like to develop their interests and passions, but for various reasons do not have such opportunities. These activities will be implemented by organizing free trainings, workshops and conferences aiming to facilitate the access to education and to contribute to improvement of the life quality of polish society.

An equally important area of the Foundation’s activities is an active assistance to municipalities in improving their management and funding system and the way ofadministering them.

The Foundation would like to direct its particular attention and support towards polish NGO-sector by building partnerships and advising non-governmental organizations, promotion and organization of volunteering work and building of civil society.

Statutory objectives of the Foundation are as follows:

• Supporting and participating in efforts and initiatives for regional and local democracy development;

• Eliminating of social inequality in the region by: improving living conditions in terms of quality and access to education, health care and social assistance, culture, art, sports, science and creation of new job places and improving working conditions in the ones already existing;

• Supporting activities to promote healthy lifestyle and preventive health care, promoting scientific research leading to improvement of health condition and cooperation in this regard with public institutions, local governments and NGOs;

• Providing technical, training, information or financial support for development of local communities, local government, NGOs and other institutions;

• Creating programs, research, information and publishing panels for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about local ecological, economic and social processes;

• Dissemination of efforts for European integration, for developing contacts and cooperation between societies (regarding promotion of education, culture, health care, social assistance and civil society) and activities raising the possibility of using funding from external sources such as programs of the European Union;

• Initiating and promoting international cooperation conducive to the implementation of the statutory objectives of the Foundation;

• Influencing the improvement of environment of Poland and of the world as well as promoting scientific research aimed at improving the environment;

• Supporting environmental social movements and influencing on the consciousness of society about the state of the environment;

• Promoting environmental protection and animal welfare and protection of natural and cultural heritage;

• Creating opportunities for the development and promotion of eco-and agro-tourism;

• Promotion and organization of volunteering;

• Promoting and protecting human rights and freedoms and civil liberties, as well as activities for the development of democracy;

• Supporting activities related to the promotion of the region, tourism development and the protection of memorials and monuments in the region;

• Promoting and protecting consumer rights.


Fundacja Rozwoju
Gmin Polskich


ul. Mazowiecka 104A/36
30-023 Kraków
tel. +48 791 934 343,
+48 600 446 561


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